Here you will find some of our training sessions, please note these are just to give an idea of what we do for our training and they might not be applicable to you. The sessions/sets are categorized by the energy system we hope to target.


Build up that Fly

Ye Olde Pyramid

Pyramid Down, Build Up

The Switch-a-roo

Pace under pressure

IM Tune-Up

Anaerobic & Speed

The Nausiator


Claire’s Taper Sessions



BF – Butterfly

BC – Backstroke

BRS – Breaststroke

FC – Frontcrawl

IM – Individual Medley

A1 – Aerobic 1

A2 – Aerobic 2

AT – Aerobic Threshold

LP/LT – Lactate Production/Lactate Tolerance

AN1/AN2 – Anaerobic 1/Anaerobic 2