Welcome to Pull Kick Swim a website by swim coach and Irish Masters swimmer Mike OConnell, with guest articles by Irish Masters swimmer Claire OConnell.

The aim is to cover all aspects of swimming including; technique, advice, product reviews and sample training sessions. It will also cover Mike’s (and sometimes Claire’s) stories and experiences in swimming, especially in Masters swimming. There is also the “The Rome Challenge” which tracked one person’s journey into the world of competitive masters swimming from scratch.

You can find articles via the menu at the top of the page or the side bar, but the following articles are a must read for any Masters swimmer looking to improve:

How do I get Faster? part 1

How do I get Faster? part 2

Streamline: Why it’s important

How to improve your body position when swimming

How to improve your Freestyle kick

Work those Walls (How to improve your turns)

Break Out or Break apart (Tips for your break-out)

Start Right (Improving your start)

How I learned to deal with pressure in swimming

Tips to remember when starting a new season

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