Mixed Anaerobic Threshold

There’s more than one way to get an aerobic threshold session done. One of the ways is to slightly reduce your normal “off” time and have the set last for 40 minutes or more. This session simply takes five seconds off the normal times I would do the various parts of the main set. It is also longer than most sessions I would normally do, coming in at 4,000m, but varied enough to not be boring or monotonous (at least I think so).

All the usual disclaimers apply, this set is designed by and for me, you’re free to try it or adapt it, but do so at your own risk etc.

Warm Up 150m Fc
150m Bc
300m choice drills
100m Fc at 80% effort

Total: 700m
Main Set 10x100m Fc pull with paddles off 1:25

10x100m Fc kick with fins & snorkel off 1:55

10x100m Fc off 1:25

Total: 3,000m
Cool Down 6x50m Bc at 70-75% effort,
15 secs rest.

Total: 300m

Session Total: 4,000m

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