Mixing it up

The main set of this session started out as part of a speed set that was given to me on a coaching course a few years ago. It was an aerobic piece at the end. I liked the look of it, but not within the session it was in, plus it was only 2 rounds making it 1,000m. So I tweaked the times to make them “fit” better, because I like it when that happens, and I increased the number of rounds to bring it up to 2,000m. There are four rounds of with no break between rounds, the butterfly is afterward.

I enjoy this main set because it’s both challenging and it’s a nice way to get through 2,000m without getting bored.


Warm Up 200m choice swim

200m choice drills

4x50m Fc build to sprint off 1:00




Total 600m

Main Set 4x{ 2x100m Fc off 1:30

2x50m Kick off 1:15

2x100m Bc off 1:45}


8x25m Bf  10-15 seconds rest

I like the way these times slot together, but of course the times can be changed and the Backcrawl can be switched with another “B-stroke”.

The butterfly is added because I like to swim relaxed fly after main sets to get used to the feeling of focusing on technique while tired.

Total 2,200m

Cool Down 200m drills

100m easy swimming

Total 300m

Sesson Total 3,100m


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