IM Tune Up Session

This is a nice tune-up session for IM, it has a nice mix of aerobic work with some drills and sprints. The variety should help to keep it interesting.   Warm up  200m Fc, 200m IM order kick, 6x50m broken IM (50m Bf-Bc, 50m Bc-Brs, 50m Brs-Fc) focusing on change-over turns         ... Continue Reading →

Pace Under Pressure

Trying to pace yourself during a race is difficult, as the race progresses you feel more fatigued so that in say a 400m doing 32 seconds for the second 50m feels very different from doing 32 seconds for the 6th 50m. To try and simulate this feeling of going harder to hit the same time... Continue Reading →

The Switch-a-roo

The main set of this session switches between 200m IM and 100m Fc. This makes the session challenging, but not boring despite being 1800m long. The times I use are my own, I would roughly be getting 15 seconds rest on the FC and 20-25 on the IMs. I find the changing between the two... Continue Reading →

Tough to get going

There are a few times throughout a season when training can get tough for a swimmer. I don’t mean physically tough, training is generally tough if you are doing it right. I’m talking about those times when you get that “wonderful” combination of training being physically and mentally tough. These times are usually, in my... Continue Reading →

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Taper Time

It’s less than a week to my first race in Budapest. I had planned on only doing two weeks taper, but our masters coach, who is also the head coach of our junior club, advised me to start the taper slightly earlier as I’m in my mid-30s. It’s great to have such a resource I... Continue Reading →

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Wall of water

Tuesday marked four weeks to my first swim in Budapest and last week I started to really step up the training. Last week included another 7 pool sessions, with one gym session for strength and conditioning and one circuits class that my wife convinced me would be a good idea. I managed to fit in... Continue Reading →

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Taper Sessions!

With the World Masters fast approaching, I felt it was time to share with you the taper sessions which I used for the World Masters Games earlier this year. The weeks leading up to the World Masters Games were an exciting time for me. It would be my first time swimming in these games and... Continue Reading →

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