The Switch-a-roo

The main set of this session switches between 200m IM and 100m Fc. This makes the session challenging, but not boring despite being 1800m long. The times I use are my own, I would roughly be getting 15 seconds rest on the FC and 20-25 on the IMs. I find the changing between the two disrupts my rhythm forcing me to focus on my technique and pacing more than if I were to just do a straight set of 100s or 200s. I have added a generic warm up that should suit this set. This should fall into A2 in terms of energy systems used, but with some tweaking can become an AT set.

Warm Up  150m Fc, 150m Bc, 100m Fc “Zip Up” drill, 100m “long dog” drill, 100m kick IM order, 100m FC building to 80% pace                                                           –  set total 700m

Main Set    6x {200m IM off 3:20, 100m FC off 1:30}

4x50m IM order, first 25m easy, second 25m fast off 1:00   – set total 2000m

Cool Down 100m Pull, 100m Kick, 100m Swim                                          – set total 300m


– Session total 3,000m 

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