The Classic

The main set of this session was a favourite of my coach back in the day, usually if we were doing anaerobic work we were given this set or the nausiator set with a dive. I’ve added a warm up and cool down. Ideally you want to do 800m or more for a warm up, but I’m usually under time constraints and have to hope that 700m will do. The easy swim between sets of fifties can also vary depending on time. I usually only do 50m Bc between them, but I have been in squad sessions where up to 200m was done between sets of fifties. There are two variants of the main set included on the bottom, I try to work in the first variation when doing more than one anaerobic session in a week. The second variant is for “fun” when I’m tired of doing frontcrawl all the time.

Warm Up

200m Fc,

150m Fc choice drills,

3x50m fc kick (aim for a comfortable time to go off),

100m Bc, 4x50m Fc build to sprint off 1:00

                                                                                                                           -Set total 800m

Main Set repeat four times:

4x50m Fc sprint off 1:30

50-100m Bc (whichever distance you do, do it all four times)

                                                                                                                           -Set total 1000-1200m

Cool Down  working the pace and your heart rate down

150m pull,

150m kick,

150m swim

                                                                                                                          -Set total 450m

-Session total 2250-2450m

Variation 1  do all of the sprint 50s kick with fins. 1st and 3rd set of four Fc kick on your side, 2nd and 4th set Bf kick on your back

Variation 2  do all of the sprint 50s in IM order


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