Speed/Taper Set

The main part of this set is adapted from a set that the Munster squad in Ireland did a few years ago when I was helping out with a training session as part of a coaching course. I like these kinds of speed sets and use them mid season to inject some speed or during my tapers. The 50s have a lot of rest to keep them from becoming anaerobic and to ensure I go at full speed for the sprint bits. Sometimes mid season if I’m under pressure for time I will lop 15 seconds off the rest, but that can have mixed results, or I will take off the 4×50 with dives. During my tapers or if I am having a recovery session I will not do the optional sets. The optional sets are something I will do mid-season if I have time and the sets themselves vary depending on what I’m trying to do, but they are always aerobic in nature.

The speed set starts with fins and paddles and drops one item per round. The first round focuses on tempo, you get to go very fast, but you need to work to get the tempo of your arms and legs up. The second round, without paddles, will see a fast tempo with your arms, but you need to try and grab the water and get a good pull. The kick will drive you forward so you will need to make sure you don’t slip water with your pull. The final round has no fins or paddles. At this point getting a high tempo should be easy, but again you need to make it count and get the most out of it (no slipping water).

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