A km of Fly

This session started as an idea between myself and my sister. As teenagers we both had some “fun” butterfly sessions, but we are now masters swimmers and not quiet up to the same amount of punishment. So, a few years ago when we were only training a few times a week we came up with this session, mainly just to see if we could do it. Could we still swim a 1,000m butterfly in one session?

Under the session is an alternative main set, which essentially is a version of a set I did as a teen. This session was given to us for an early morning swim on the New Year’s Day of 1998, with one small change. I added 2 extra 25s to round it out.


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting anyone does this session (or any of my sessions), if you do then you do so at your own risk, etc


Warm Up 200m Fc

100m one arm Bf

100m Bf kick

100m Bondi (with fins)

100m Bc






Main Set 4 x {10x25m Bf 10 seconds rest between each 25m}  


Cool Down 100m Brs

100m Bc



Session Total   1,800m


Alternative main set:

Main Set 10 x {10x25m Bf 10 seconds rest between each 25m} 2,500m

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