Changing Gears

As a 200m swimmer I like this session, it has a nice mix of speed, aerobic work, and the switching keeps it from getting boring. The sprints have 30 seconds rest so they should be pure speed with no lactate production. The 100s should be hitting A2 (or 80% effort). The switching between the two helps you get used to changing speed while also being aware of your pace. It also helps build base speed. Depending on your fitness, the time in the season, or your goals for the session it can be made harder or easier by increasing the amount of times you repeat the main set, or by decreasing the rest time. I’ve written it for the mid-late season below, with the main set repeating four times.


Warm Up

200m Fc

3x50m 6 kicks on side, then switch (Fc kick and recovery on the switch)

3x50m Rib-head

4x50m Fc build to sprint off 1:00                                    -set total 700m


Main Set   Repeat 4 times:

4x25m Fc sprint 30 sec rest

4x100m Fc off 1:30                                              -set total 2,000m

Cool Down                          

200m Bc easy

100m Fc easy                                                         -set total 300m

Session total: 3,000m

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