Back-end Breaststroke

There are two goals for this session: to get some aerobic backstroke work done, and to simulate the breaststroke leg of a 200m IM. Breaststroke is my weakest stroke and on a 200m IM (or worse a 400m IM) when the lactate is starting to pump, it’s very tempting to ease off for that part of the swim. So on the breaststroke part of the session its important to keep the pace and focus on technique. I use 50s for breaststroke because of my knees, but this could be adapted to 100s for the breaststroke part.

Warm Up 200m Fc

100m Bc kick

100m one arm Bc

100m Bc,

100m Bf kick Brs arms

100m Brs






Set total 700m

Main Set 10x100m Bc off 1:50

4x25m Bc sprint 15 sec rest

10x50m Brs off 1:00

4x50m Brs 15 sec rest




Set total 1700m

Cool Down 100m Fc easy Set total 100m

Session total 2500m

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