50s Can Be Tough Too

There is sometimes a perception that a training session has to consist of sets of 100s of meters, I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. This session is all based around short distances, its goals are to help with pace, speed and should give a good overall workout. It also is one I use for days where the pool is a little too crowded for something longer or when I just plain don’t feel like doing 100’s of meters at a time. Each part of the session has its own goals, reasons and things to think about so I’m going to add an extra column explaining each part. As always this is based on my training, my times might vary depending on the time of the season and this is only a guide. If you decide to have a crack at this session or adapt it you do so at your own risk etc (so disclaimer, don’t come back to me if something goes wrong).


The What The Why
Warm Up 200m Fc

200m Fc drills

100m Fc

100m Bc

A nice mix of swimming and drills, I like to include Bc because it helps open up my chest and shoulders
Main Set 10x50m Fc off 1:00

@ 200m Race Pace

This should allow for plenty of rest. The goal is to stick to your front end race pace and not go too fast
  10x50m Fc kick off 1:15

(25m easy 25m fast)

This will put the legs under a bit of pressure. Should also help develop speed and the ability to change pace for kick
  8x50m Fc off 0:45

@ middle 400m Race Pace

This is to simulate the middle 200m of a 400m race (from 150-350m) when it feels like you are working harder but hopefully still maintaining your pace/times. The pressure will be on as some fatigue should be setting in.
  10x25m Bf 15 sec rest I like to fit in butterfly to my sessions to keep my feel for it and it helps to be used to swimming it. I put it near the end or at the end of main sets so that I can try to swim it while a little tired, but focusing on maintaining correct technique. If the technique breaks down I take extra rest and go again. Depending on when in the season I’m doing this I will swap it for 50s off 1:00
  6x75m Fc 20 sec rest

(25 DPS, 25 Fists closed, 25 Sprint)

Really looking for feeling the water and focusing on technique and speed. DPS = distance per stroke, go for a max distance slightly over gliding and with a high roll. Focus on catching water with the forearm for the fists closed. Then for the sprint its all out, trying to catch as much water as possible, increasing stroke rate but keeping stroke count low
Cool Down 100m Fc Pull

100m Fc kick

100m Fc

Finish with a nice easy pull kick swim set


Session total 3,000m


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