Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers (fins) – review

I’ve read about people online liking these fins, but I knew nothing about them before I tried them. From looking at them I imagined they would be quite rigid like the TYR Crossblades. This changed as soon as I pushed off the wall and started to swim with them. They were surprisingly flexible and this,... Continue Reading →

Head Liquid Power Jammers – Review

The Liquid Power Jammer falls under what I consider an entry level suit. It’s composed of 71% Polyamide, 29% Xtra life Lycra and apparently it has a Teflon coating to reduce resistance in the water. It also has stitched seams and is quite affordable, available from some retailers for around 40 pounds. I bought the... Continue Reading →

Arena Carbon Pro Jammers – Review

Arena adapted to the ban on “shiny suits” with its carbon series, as of writing there are four versions; flex, air, ultra, and pro. Pro was the main suit around the time of the London Olympics. The previously mentioned ban requires suits to be permeable, textile, and of a certain thickness (if you want to... Continue Reading →

FINIS Agility Padles – Review

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw a few non-traditional paddles from FINIS I thought they were just gimmicks. Thankfully, at a pop-up FINIS store a former Olympian was singing the praises of the Agility paddles and I took a chance and bought a pair. The theory behind these paddles is that they encourage... Continue Reading →

Maru Pro T Jammer – Review

This was the first racing suit I’d bought since my time as a club swimmer, I’ll be honest not a lot of thought went into picking it. I had decided to enter the European Masters and needed a FINA approved suit, but didn’t want to break the bank. Boy did I luck out, this turned... Continue Reading →

TYR Crossblade – Review

These fins are described by TYR as “intermediate” in terms of length and flexibility and I have to agree. They are nicely balanced in that they work your legs without sacrificing technique. I found they encouraged me to kick from the hip with flexible knees and ankles. For fly kick, I found you can take... Continue Reading →

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