Arena Air Speed Goggles – Review

I think these are the most comfortable goggles I have ever worn. Unlike other goggles that just have a ring of silicone for a gasket, these goggles seem to be mostly made of gasket. They are made of 50% Polycarbonate, 30% Thermoplastic Rubber, and 20% silicone. They have a honeycomb structure that helps them keep their shape but also ensures they are soft and comfortable.

The lenses are curved which follows what seems to be a pattern for Arena’s modern goggles range. While Air Speeds do not give as wide a field of vision as the Pythons, it is still wider than a lot of other goggles out there. Personally I like the compromise as they still allow me to see a lot and they are incredibly comfortable.

I have the mirrored ones and while they are fantastic when swimming outdoors they can be pretty dark when swimming indoors. Actually, that is kind of understating it. They are darker than any of the other goggles I have reviewed for this website. Personally, I don’t mind, but my daughter didn’t like using mirrored ones indoors, so we got her a pair with clear lenses.  

I remember spotting swimmers on T.V. wearing these at big competitions a few years ago which I found curious as the cobra ultra was the new big thing at the time with some big stars wearing them. However, after wearing them for my dives and sprints in training I can see why some pros opt to wear them and I have started to keep as my backup pair in competitions. While the Air Speeds are not as low profile as the Cobra Ultras or the Record Breakers, they are quite low and equal if not better than a lot of other goggles out there (and ones I have previously reviewed).

I struggled with these a little in the beginning. For some reason they would leak ever so slightly when I was swimming. I think part of the issue was their softness, I was expecting them to feel like my other goggles and was tightening them too much. Still even when looser they would sometimes start to leak and I think I have spotted a pattern. If I am in the water for more than an hour, or if I break the seal by taking them off and putting them back on again then they will leak ever so slightly. The leak is never enough to fill up the goggles, but just a little which is enough to be annoying. I wonder if part of the reason is the nose piece. It is not as thick and rigid as the ones on the python or cobra ultra, in fact it is more like a thicker version of the Record Breaker nose piece. Comparing the two, this bridge is also comfortable as it goes over the bridge of my nose without pressing on it. While the Air Speed’s nose piece is more durable, it still stretches a bit and I’ve noticed mine seems a little loose. I think this might be due to wear and tear as my daughter’s newer ones don’t seem to be the same. Still, this looseness doesn’t appear to be having much of an effect.

Since getting these they have become my go to training goggles, the only time I don’t wear them is if a pool is too dark for them (which has happened). I’ve been wearing them for several months at this point and they are still going strong. Overall, I highly recommend these goggles as they tick a lot of boxes and did I mention they are very comfortable?

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