IM Tune Up Session

This is a nice tune-up session for IM, it has a nice mix of aerobic work with some drills and sprints. The variety should help to keep it interesting.


Warm up        200m Fc

200m IM order kick,

6x50m broken IM (50m Bf-Bc, 50m Bc-Brs, 50m Brs-Fc) focusing on change-over turns

-set total 700m

Main Set          16x50m IM order, each 50 is 25m drill, 25m swim, 10 seconds rest per 50m

8x100m IM off 1:50

16x50m IM off 1:00, each 50 is 25m easy, 25m sprint                                                                                                                                                                              -set total 2,400m

Cool Down      100m IM kick

200m Fc easy                                                                                 -set total 300m

Session total: 3,400m


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