Short but Sweet

This session came about last weekend when myself and my sister Claire went for a swim. The pool was unexpectedly busy so we had to figure out how to get an aerobic workout in, while also trying to navigate around the odd swimmer or two that wandered into our lane for a few laps. Claire also isn’t a fan of doing lots of distance front crawl, so our solution was to have almost all of the main set in short distances of 25-50 meters (except for one piece), and to mix things up a little. At 2,600m its not very long, but we did get a good workout in.

Warm Up 200m Fc
100m Fc kick
100m Fc pull
100m Fc
Total: 500m
Main Set 10x50m Fc kick off 1:15*

5x100m Fc pull with paddles off 1:30

8x25m Bf 10-15 seconds rest

8x50m off 1:00 (4 Bc, 4 Brs)

4x50m Fc off 1:00**

8x25m Fc sprint 30 seconds rest***

*I did all Fc, but Claire did half Brs, half Fc

**each 50m was 25m fists closed, 25m DPS (distance per stroke where you try to take the least amount of strokes)

***Claire being a breaststroker did Brs

Total: 2,000m

Cool Down 100m easy Fc  

Total: 100m

 Session Total: 2,600m

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