Beginners Anaerobic

The main set for this session was given to my sister one day from our masters coach. At the time in her season she hadn’t any anaerobic work done and she didn’t fancy doing the nausiator, so he gave her this. I liked it and continue to use it with a slight tweak because it feels a bit easier than my other go to sessions. I’m not sure if it is actually easier or if it’s all just in my head. I normally swim this early in the season to ease myself back into this kind of training, or if I’m doing more than one anaerobic session per week then I’d use this for the second one. To make the session a bit more advanced try doing the 50s Fc off 1:00 and do 2×50 Bc per round. Once in the main set there is no stopping, no pause between the repetitions.


Warm Up

200m Fc

200m Fc drills (can be done as 4x50m)

4x50m Fc kick, sprint for the last 15m, 20 seconds rest

100m Bc build to 80% pace

4x50m Fc build to sprint off 1:00                                    -set total 900m


Main Set   Repeat 6 times:

2x50m Fc sprint off 1:30

50m Bc easy off 1:30                                                         -set total 900m


Cool Down                          

100m Fc pull

100m Fc kick

100m Fc swim

100m Bc                                                                                  -set total 400m

Session total: 2,200m

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