Second Gala – The Rome Challenge

Jia’s second competition was supposed to be the Irish Masters gala in Limerick, but a freak cold weather front caused days of snow and the gala ended up being cancelled. This meant that our home gala was her second competition, and what a competition it was. Tralee Gala Now that Jia has actual entry times... Continue Reading →

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February Update – The Rome Challenge

A lot has happened since our last update where we covered Jia’s first ever competition. We are now entering month number 6 of the challenge and I’m not the only person that can see the big changes. Staff members and fellow swimmers have all commented on the difference between September and now. It’s amazing what... Continue Reading →

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Rome Challenge Sessions – Round 3

These are the next 7 sessions that Jia completed for the Rome Challenge. All of these sessions are from December. This round saw an increase in the distance per session and with that an increase in her aerobic training. This month was particularly busy with work and family so there are less sessions than in... Continue Reading →

Rome Challenge Sessions – Round 2

These are the next 9 sessions that Jia completed for the Rome Challenge. All of these sessions are from November. As you will see there is still a heavy focus on the basics, but the distance per session is increasing. This month also saw Jia start to swim full stroke butterfly with fins. Towards the... Continue Reading →

First Competition – The Rome Challenge

Saturday was a milestone for the Rome Challenge, it was Jia’s first ever masters swimming competition. She had never competed an any sports growing up in China, and had only ever done a few 5k fun runs and a handful of sea swims since coming to Ireland (because everyone should swim around Fenit lighthouse at... Continue Reading →

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First Steps – The Rome Challenge

Things are moving ahead with our Rome Challenge. Jia is now registered with Kingdom Masters and her entry for her first competition, the Mallow Masters, is about to go in. The first two months (we had started before the first article went up), have been all about creating a solid base. Before we started Jia... Continue Reading →

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Making a Master Swimmer – The Rome Challenge

  While Jia and myself were sitting in the stands of the World Masters in Budapest surrounded by vibrant energy, by swimmers of all ages, and the general party atmosphere we started to wonder. Could someone that was in good shape, but had never trained or competed in swimming, or any sport, take part in... Continue Reading →

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