The Nausiator

A good warm-up is especially imporant for this session. I will have anywhere between 800-900m done before I start. Some recommend doing up to 1000m as a warm-up, but unfortunately I usually don’t have that kind of time. This session is meant to be flat out speed wise. The first 100 is to be the best you can do and the rest of the set is spent trying to keep that time or as close to it as possible.

The times themselves are not as important as the experience of holding your technique at speed, holding your technique despite lactate acid and exhaustion, and trying to keep the gap between the first and the last 100 minimal.

In the old days we used to do these all off the blocks, but that isn’t possible for me these days in public sessions. It works either way.

5x100m Fc sprint off 5:00


I like to get a decent cool down if I can, 300-400m.

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