Anaerobic Wave (Anaerobic LP)

Back in December I was going through my drawer of documents from different coaching courses and workshops. Initially I was going through them for a specific document (100 ways to kick), but I ended up going through material on training energy systems and different examples of such. Scanning through the sample training sets an anaerobic one caught my eye and I’m always on the lookout for different anaerobic sets. I’ll be honest, when I first saw it I thought it looked almost easy or at least it would be something that would maybe be on the same level as my beginners anaerobic session or slightly less. I quickly found out I was very wrong. While it isn’t as bad as the nauseator and one or two similarly hard sets that I haven’t put up here, it was definitely a lot harder than I expected and I really hit the proverbial wall on the 100m in the middle. I’ll admit that this could partly be because of where I am in my own training cycle, I first tried this set 3 weeks after the Swedish Masters so this might not be quite so tough later in the season when I’m doing an anaerobic set every week. One thing I do like about this set is that it gets me up to going all out for 100m and I see it as a step between the beginners anaerobic and the nauseator.

The usual disclaimers apply, this is a set I swim, you are free to try it yourself but do so at your own risk etc. I also have to point out again that this is not a set I wrote, I’m not sure who the original author is I just found it among handouts I was given in coaching courses/workshops.

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