Pyramid Down, Build Up

This is a nice main set that gets in a bit of mileage in without being boring. The times given are for my A2 or 80% days, sometimes I’ll make this an AT by reducing the rests by 5 seconds on both the 50s and 100s. Before this main set I would normally have about 600m done for my warm up. There is no break between each of these sets, they are run continuously.

1x50m BC off 1:00

5x100m FC off 1:30

2x50m BC off 1:00

4x100m FC off 1:30

3x50m BC off 1:00

3x100m FC off 1:30

4x50m BC off 1:00

2x100m FC off 1:30

5x50m BC off 1:00

1x100m FC off 1:30

Cool down with something nice, like 200 pull kick swim 🙂 – mike

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