Basic Anaerobic Threshold Set

This is my go-to Anaerobic Threshold set. For anybody unfamiliar with this term: Anaerobic Threshold isn’t actually using the anaerobic energy system, it’s aerobic but just under where lactate is produced. So typically 85% effort and above, but under 90% effort. This kind of session will help increase your aerobic training speed and should help when racing 200s & 400s. Threshold training should not be done every day, depending on where you are in your season and what your goals are maybe only once a week.

Now I know coaches are going to look at this and say it’s not a true threshold set because it doesn’t last for 40 minutes, and they are correct. My response is: I’m old, this is usually a lunch time session so I don’t have lots of time, I’m old, I’m still hitting the speed and energy system I want, and I’m getting old.

There are two options for the main set, I find option 2 harder despite it having less. As my season progresses I might try adding an extra 100 to each set (or an extra set or fasters repeat times if I go mad altogether). The times are based on my regular 80% effort 100s repeating on 1:30, so I lopped 10 seconds off that.

Disclaimer: this session is written for me, I don’t mind people trying it, using it, adapting it, but do so at your own risk etc.


Warm Up 100m Fc

100m Bc

200m Fc drills

100m Fc kick




Total: 500m

Pre-Set 6x100m Fc off 1:40 desc 1-3 Total: 600m
Main Set (Option 1) 4x( 4x100m Fc off 1:20)

50m Bc off 1:30


Total: 1,800m

Main Set (Option 2) 3x( 5x100m Fc off 1:20)

50m Bc off 1:30


Total: 1,700m

Cool Down 3x100m IM easy, 20 sec rest + broken fly  

Total: 300m


Session Total: 3,100-3,200m

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