Back-end IM

I’m doing a lot of anaerobic work at the moment, this session is something I’ve been toying with for a while. I did a test run with my sister Claire on it last week and plan to give it another shot this week or next.

The idea behind this session is to prepare myself for my 200 IM and possibly my 100 fly. I’ve made notes in the main set, I did the freestlye/fontcrawl version and my Claire did the IM version. The 50s are where you specialize, I did IM order this time, but this can be changed depending on what I want to work e.g. the last 4 could be Bf, Brs, Bf, Brs to simulate the back end of the 100 fly and that horrible Brs leg of the 200 IM.

The main set is in two phases: 100s to cause fatigue & start lactate production, 50s to get used to swimming these strokes when fatigued. There is no break between phases.

The usual disclaimers apply; this is what I swim, copy it at your own risk etc.


Warm Up 100m Fc

100m Bc

100m Fc pull

200m Fc drills

2x100m IM kick (no board)

6x50m Fc off 1:00, desc 1-3






Total: 1,000m

Main Set 3x100m Sprint off 5:00 (can be freestyle or IM)

4x50m sprint off 2:00 (I like IM order, but this can be changed depending on what needs to be worked)



Total: 500m

Cool Down 100m Bc

100m Fc pull

100m Brs kick

100m Fc





Total: 400m 

Session Total: 1,900m


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