ARENA Python Goggles – Review

The arena python goggles are advertised for both training and competition. I assume the name is due to the lenses being shaped like snake eyes. The lenses are polycarbonate with silicone seals and come in mirrored and non-mirrored versions, the straps are silicone. It comes with different sized nose pieces which can be swapped out as needed.

The field of vision with these is amazing, better than any other goggles I’ve tried so far. The lens wraps around so that there is no joint at the side, and the lens go right to the top and bottom edges, giving you a wide uninterrupted view. This is great when swimming in busy lanes, and they are my go-to goggles for training especially when training outdoors as the mirrored lens with UV protection are amazing.

The design is quite comfortable, I think this is partly down to the thick gaskets. I find they sit on the eye socket rather than in it unlike other designs e.g. Swedish goggles. The nose pieces are high enough to not touch the bridge of my nose, which is a relief as some goggles can leave marks on it.

As I mentioned earlier they are billed as being for both training and racing. Despite feeling like a big pair of goggles and having a seemingly large surface area, they have a surprisingly low profile. That being said they are bigger than some of the other goggles I’m trying out at the moment, e.g. Arena’s Cobra Ultra. I haven’t been able to try them in any races, but they are fine on starts and sprints. I have a few more goggles to test out before I choose which ones will be my go-to race goggles after my laser eye surgery. If they don’t end up being my primary goggles for racing then they will probably be the spare pair I always have in my pocket when lining up for races.

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