The Nausiator

A good warm-up is especially imporant for this session. I will have anywhere between 800-900m done before I start. Some recommend doing up to 1000m as a warm-up, but unfortunately I usually don't have that kind of time. This session is meant to be flat out speed wise. The first 100 is to be the... Continue Reading →

Build up that Fly

I usually take this as a handy A1 session, of course a bit of intensity can be added to get more of a work out. This can be adapted for all four strokes by substituting the one armed fly with another drill.   warm-up 150m Fc, 150m Bc, 100m pull, 100m kick, 100m swim main... Continue Reading →

Pyramid Down, Build Up

This is a nice main set that gets in a bit of mileage in without being boring. The times given are for my A2 or 80% days, sometimes I'll make this an AT by reducing the rests by 5 seconds on both the 50s and 100s. Before this main set I would normally have about... Continue Reading →

Ye Olde Pyramid

Pyramids are classics in swimming, this is a FC one, but when we're feeling adventurous it makes a sweet little IM set. These are all run back to back with no rest inbetween and after a warm up. 1x400m off 5:45 target time 5:15 2x200m off 2:55 target time 2:35-2:40 4x100m off 1:25 target time... Continue Reading →

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