Wall of water

Tuesday marked four weeks to my first swim in Budapest and last week I started to really step up the training. Last week included another 7 pool sessions, with one gym session for strength and conditioning and one circuits class that my wife convinced me would be a good idea. I managed to fit in 1x AN2 session, 1x VO2 Max session, 2x AN3 sessions and 3 A2 sessions. While most of the sessions I did are on this site now (or will be eventually), I have to admit the AN3 sessions were “borrowed” from Munster squad sessions I helped coach last autumn, so I probably won’t put them up anytime soon. This week is turning out pretty similar, but will probably have an extra pool session or two and no circuits. All dependant on pool availability and real life. I’ve even managed to fit in a few practice dives, which I badly need as I started working on changing my dive before the Kingdom masters gala. There is a bit of story behind my old dive, I used to do a nice big up and down dive back in the day, but my teammates on my relay for the Nationals convinced me to play it safe and just go straight out. While this is a “safe” dive, it’s lacking height. I’m also trying to push this newer dive on my swimmers so as with most things that I coach I’m making sure I can do it myself so hopefully at least some of them will see me do it in our masters gala.

As these last few weeks progress the mental aspect is coming more and more into play. I’m constantly reminded of a quote from the simpsons which I paraphrase for myself (and other masters swimmers) – If he applies himself, trains real hard, eats clean, cuts out the beer, he could go 0.5 …. 0.9 seconds faster”. The reality is that all of this training, the tech suit, the dive and getting everything right will hopefully result is up to a second in the 100m (and half a second in the 50m) off my time from march. Of course I wouldn’t argue if I took more off, but I am close to my old times as a teenager so I can’t ask for too much. Course we didn’t have long course back in those days so I can count all of these times as PBs. Anyway, I’ll continue on the grindstone, counting down the days to the start of my taper. – Mike

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