Mad Wave Record Breaker Goggles – Review

These are certainly an interesting design, but then Mad Wave always seem to always take a regular product and put an interesting spin on it. Made from polycarbonate and silicone, record breakers are available in both clear and mirrored lenses.

The first time I put these on I thought that the silicone edges were a bit hard, but this went away very quickly when I simply took them off and put them on again a few times. Now the gaskets are soft and comfortable.

I often comment on goggles having a low profile, but since I’ve tried these goggles and the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles I realise I’m going to have to come up with a new category; super low profile. These things are incredibly small. I’m still surprised every time I look at them from the top or bottom and see how shallow the lenses are. The split lenses are really quite clever. The top of the goggle is narrow and fits in under my brow so that there is less drag between my face and the goggle. They slope out which probably has some hydrodynamic effect, but also makes space for my eyes. Even still my eyelashes sometimes brush against them. Looking at them first, I thought that the split lens would be annoying and disrupt my field of vision. Instead, I find the split is more than halfway down so that I’m always looking out of the top part anyway. While it doesn’t have the same field of vision as the Arena Pythons, they have a wider field than the other goggles I’ve reviewed such as the speedo and zoggs and even the Swedish style goggles. This is partly due to the low profile, usually the side, front and bottom parts of the lenses are what narrows or distorts the field of vision. With these the top and bottom are so small there isn’t much to distort, and while there is more on the sides, there is still less than in others like the Swedish goggles.

Then there is the nose piece. The nose piece is both brilliant but also a flaw in these goggles. I know that sounds confusing, let me explain. The shape itself is brilliant. A lot of goggles push on the bridge of my nose, but these easily go up and over making them very comfortable for me. Unfortunately, they are not very rigid and from the start I had a suspicion that over time the nose piece would start to weaken. I wore these roughly 1-2 times a week from late August to late December and for the Swedish Masters competition. Sure, enough as time wore on, I started to notice that during a training session they would start to leak. I soon figured out it was a result of the nose piece stretching and it would stretch out sooner every training session. Now here is where it gets a little interesting. I like these goggles so much that I ordered two more pairs when they were on sale in the autumn. The pair I had been wearing since August only came with 3 spare nose pieces and I used the smallest one, but the other two pairs have come with roughly two of each size nose piece. These have already come in handy as I swapped out the one on my current pair. You can see the difference in the photo between the two, originally they would have both been the same size. Now I am just wearing them for the occasional sprint session and only for competitions.

One big plus of these goggles that I feel I should mention is the small bag Mad Wave give with each pair to protect them. As goggles become more expensive it’s nice for a company to think of this rather than trying to get you to buy another case.

Despite the issues with the nose piece, I really love these goggles. They have been fantastic when racing and they will continue to be my racing goggles for now, but I probably won’t buy anymore pairs unless the nose piece design is changed.

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