Training Suits, Speedo & Zoggs Briefs – Review

This is the second article where I will review training suits that I use or have used. You will notice a trend; my suits are all quite cheap and hopefully long lasting. Long lasting because I have chosen suits that fall under that category for their brands.

This article will look at briefs from Zoggs and Speedo. Please note that when comparisons are done they are only between these suits. I will mention drag or resistance, however none of these suits will have more drag than the boxer suits I have also reviewed.


Zoggs Men’s Optic Sports Togs

These are a brightly coloured with a fun pattern. They are composed of 53% Polyester and 47% Pbt (texturized polyester), and are part of the Aquablast range.

zoggsI like the style of these, they offer more coverage than the speedo briefs also covered in this article, but are smaller than boxers. This design and the material used means the suit keeps its shape. There is a downside, because the legs are cut lower than the other suits in this article I find them tighter. While they aren’t tight to the point of being very uncomfortable or cutting off circulation, I have noticed it, especially when I’ve taken them off. This could simply be down to my body shape. While I haven’t worn these to the end of their life, I am familiar enough with the material to know that they are very long lasting. I will update this if it proves not to be the case.

Out of all the training suits I’ve reviewed, these are currently my favourite pair.

Pros Cons
Look good Legs are a bit tight
Holds shape
Long lasting

These are available here on Amazon.

Speedo Men’s Boom Splice 6.5 cm Brief

These have a classic look and design with an interesting use of the speedo logo to prevent them looking too plain. They are composed of 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane, and are part of the Endurance+ range.

speedo brief 2The mix of materials in this suit make it very light and it absorbs very little water, which means less resistance. They offer a little more coverage than the other speedo suit in this article and are pretty comfortable as they feel like the old lycra suits. I haven’t trained in one of these suits before and last wore lycra in the 90s, so it is interesting to wear these. I am a little wary of how long they will last, but so far, they have lasted more than the suits of old so I’m hoping they are as long lasting as the other endurance suits. There is one downside to these suits and it is more of a personal point, I would prefer if they had a bit more material in front. To make them more, ahem, sturdy. They do hold their shape very well and look almost the same after a training session as they do before it.

Pros Cons
Look good Bit light in front
Holds shape
Absorbs very little water
Least resistance of suits in this article

These are available here on Amazon.

Speedo Men’s Essential Endurance+ 7cm Sportsbrief

These are classics, simple design & shape, one colour throughout, small logo. They are composed of 53% Polyester, 47% Pbt (texturized polyester), and are part of the Endurance+ range.

speedo brief These suits are almost indestructible, I had three pairs that I used for years and only got rid of them because I felt like trying some new suits (plus I wanted to get them in a different colour). They are more absorbent than the other speedo suit in this article, but they are smaller than the Zoggs suit which means they will have slightly less resistance. They hold their shape fantastically well, although not as comfortable as the other suits I don’t find them uncomfortable. Be warned, because of the material they don’t stretch and so end up providing the least cover of all three suits. This doesn’t bother me, but might if you are new to briefs or a bit shy.

Pros Cons
Classic look Least amount of coverage
Holds shape
Very long lasting

These are available here on Amazon.

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