Training Suits, Speedo & Adidas Boxers – Review

There are many different companies offering many different types of swimming suit for training. This is the first article where I will review training suits that I use or have used. You will notice a trend; my suits are all quite cheap and hopefully long lasting. Long lasting because I have chosen suits that fall under that category for their brands.

This article will look at two very different Boxer style suits. Please note that when comparisons are done they are only between the two suits. Neither suit will have less drag than the brief suits I have also reviewed and neither will hold their shape as well as said suits. These aren’t really flaws, it’s simply a compromise for this style of suit and shouldn’t really put anyone off buying either suit if they are fans of boxer suits.


Adidas Mens Infnitex 3 stripes boxer

Say what you like about Adidas suits, they are always pretty stylish. While these boxers are plain compared to some of the other suits Adidas offer, the default black with three stripes give it that classic Adidas look. These are composed of 73% Polyamide and 27% Elastane, and are part of the Infinitex range.

I found these comfortable, the material feels like the lycra suits of old and hold less water than suits that are more polyester based. This results in less resistance in the water compared to the other boxer. addidas boxer

While I haven’t experienced any fading/wear in them, they do tend to lose their shape a bit more than I would like when wet. They don’t get baggy, but I would prefer a bit more material on the front to make it more *ahem* sturdy. Another advantage these have over the other suits are the legs, they are cut higher so that the material doesn’t start to go down the legs. I haven’t worn these as often as the other suit, so I can’t comment on their longevity yet. I will update this when they do eventually start to wear out.

Pros Cons
Looks good Could use a thicker or more sturdy front
Less drag than other boxer suits
Better cut for the legs

Adidas Men’s Infinitex 3-Stripes Boxer are available on Amazon.

Speedo Endurance Monogram Aquashort

These are the boxer or “aquashort” version of Speedo’s monogram endurance+ range (the range also includes briefs and jammers). The design is plain with a splash of colour. They are composed of 53% Polyester and 47% Pbt (textured polyester), and as I mentioned already, are part of the endurance+ range.

speedo aquashortI like training suits that are 100% polyester (which this suit pretty much is), as they have great longevity. While they are more absorbent than the boxers above, they are sturdier and hold their shape better when wet. Unfortunately, they do cause a little more drag in the water and the legs are lower than I like, in fact the suit is longer than the Adidas boxer. Personally, I don’t like this, but this is a personal choice. While not as comfortable as the Adidas suit, they are quite comfortable for a suit of this composition.

Pros Cons
Sturdy, holds shape well More absorbant
Long lasting Legs are a bit long for my liking

Speedo men’s monogram aquashorts are available on Amazon.

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