Head Liquid Power Jammers – Review

The Liquid Power Jammer falls under what I consider an entry level suit. It’s composed of 71% Polyamide, 29% Xtra life Lycra and apparently it has a Teflon coating to reduce resistance in the water. It also has stitched seams and is quite affordable, available from some retailers for around 40 pounds.


I bought the black version of the suit with black stitching and I really like the simple design with a low cut waist. There are also blue, green and black with white stitching versions of the suit. The stitching is smaller than some other entry level suits I’ve used and is done in a pattern that helps the suit keep its shape. There is an inner mesh lining that takes the shape of a brief which also helps the suit keep retain its compression and shape in that area, and is very comfortable. After my races there wasn’t any sagging or relaxing of the suit. I wore this suit for a 400m freestyle and later that day it had dried out so I wore it for the 100m butterfly. It worked well for both.

IMG_20171221_134331I sized down for this suit, the first time I’ve tried this. I was expecting it to be a struggle to get on, but it was surprisingly easy. Its composite and design make the suit very flexible and stretchy, but it still maintains a good level of compression. There is one problem with the suit and that is the leg openings. Rather than use silicone to keep them in place Head have simply made them thick and tight, and they aren’t as stretchy as other suits. I would consider going down another suit size, but the leg openings would probably be too tight for me.

Pros Cons
Holds shape Leg openings are a bit tight
Good mix of compression & flexibility

These are available on Amazon.

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