Maru Pro T Jammer – Review

maru pro t 2 This was the first racing suit I’d bought since my time as a club swimmer, I’ll be honest not a lot of thought went into picking it. I had decided to enter the European Masters and needed a FINA approved suit, but didn’t want to break the bank. Boy did I luck out, this turned out to be a great entry level suit. The specs are pretty standard for a suit at this level: 71% Polyamide, 29% Elastane, however what makes this suit stand out a little is it’s Teflon coating. Water simply beads off of it. As with others in this price range the seams are stitched instead of lasered or glued and I found the leg openings comfortable and secure.

When I first wore it, it was a bit low in the back, but it has since stretched a little. This is probably because of the huge mistake I made with this suit and it’s a mistake that comes from my days as a club swimmer, which I will talk about in another post on tech suits. Anyway, after several swims, and accidentally wearing it wet for a few hours, it’s not as tight as it used to be. While it has kept its basic shape, and can’t really be called “baggy” after a swim, it’s compression is nowhere near the same as the more expensive suits. However, as I said earlier it is an entry level suit and so comparing the compression with a suit that costs 5-10 times more isn’t really fair. Of my entry level suits it is my favorite and my go-to suit in races that I feel don’t warrant using my more expensive suits. The sizing is ok, I went with my training size, but might try sizing down if I get another. – Mike

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