Swimming life when I was 16 versus swimming life now!

Ten years ago, swimming was my life. I would train numerous times a week, morning and night. My life revolved around swimming. I would skip birthday parties because I had to go training, I would spend my pocket money on swimming togs or goggles and I would spend my spare time thinking about my swimming goals.

Today, my life is much different. Swimming is still very important in my life, but its place has changed. I can no longer train every single day, due to work commitments. I sometimes, do skip training to attend parties, and my pocket money which is now called my wages, are spent on paying bills with the odd swimming togs thrown in.

It might sound like a terrible start to a story, but it is actually the reality of growing up! I try to train as much as possible, but life does get in the way.It is sad, but it has made me adapt and think of alternative options.

I cannot always make it to the gym or pool. So on those days, I do my own workout at home. I use numerous workout sites online. One which I found to be very good is a site called Fitness Blender. They have a number of different workouts to suit your needs which really do get your heart pumping and tone your body! On the days that I am lucky enough to get to the gym, I take part in many Les Mills classes. Followed, of course, by an hours session in the water.

I am lucky enough to be living in Queenstown in New Zealand. This town is surrounded by mountains, all of which can be climbed. Some hikes take hours to do, but some do not take as long. These shorter ones are the ones that I like to tackle on my busy days! I time myself on how long it takes me to reach the summit. Then, the next time I hike it, I try to beat this time. Sounds easy, but it’s really not!! It’s a great cardio workout and the views at the top are breathtaking.

I teach swimming on Tuesday afternoons, so if I manage to make it out to the pool before my lessons, I do a session for an hour. Any other day that is not spent catching up with work or family and friends, I try to get to the pool.

I’ve gone from swimming more than ten times a week to maybe six/seven times a week. But, I still feel as fit. Some may say it’s because I’m only just classified as a master swimmer and still a ‘spring chicken’, but I think it’s an adaptation to the grown-up life that I am living!

Can I stop growing up now??!



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